If you’d like to support Dave and Jill Swavely (and others who work with them) through our nonprofit ministry, you can send a check made out to The Way With Words to 1337 Greenhill Road, West Chester, PA, 19380. All gifts are tax deductible.

The mission of The Way With Words is to communicate the truth of the Bible in creative ways to all ages and kinds of people, both locally and globally, so they can better know and serve Jesus Christ.

Our founders Dave and Jill Swavely each have over twenty-five years of experience in gospel ministry, having started two churches and two schools together and coached and consulted numerous other ministers and ministries through the years. They have raised seven children and helped many families through biblical counsel and mentoring. Support received through The Way with Words enables them and others working with them to have the freedom to serve God in ways that make the best use of their gifts and experience for the sake of the Kingdom. To accomplish our mission, we will:

  • Write, edit, and publish books and other materials
  • Create and assist educational programs
  • Teach, counsel, disciple, and train leaders locally and globally
  • Consult in church planting and revitalization (and participate locally)

To see the current 2021 budget for The Way With Words, click here. To see a video where Dave introduces the ministry, click here.